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SummerhousesGazebosPergolas, Decking, BridgesArbours are some of the bespoke structures designed and built by Norton Garden Structures. They are only built to order, and each is individually hand crafted to meet your requirements.

This section will provide you with an idea of the range of garden structures that we design and build and elsewhere in this site you will find the process that will explain how we work with you, to turn your ideas into reality. There are no prices shown as each commission is individually priced.

The structures are built in timber from renewable sources. Western Red Cedar from Canada, Iroko from Africa and European Oak. These timbers are chosen for a combination of their appearance, durability and strength. Roofs, where appropriate can be finished in shingles, clay tiles, lead or copper. Structures can either be finished in a stain or left to weather over time.

Western Red Cedar and Iroko are purchased as sawn timber in standard sizes, and Oak is purchased as seasoned waney edged boards. All the timbers are purchased from reputable timber merchants who are members of the various associations that support responsible sourcing.

Seasoned Oak is the most expensive timber used, and has higher machining costs. Therefore structures made in Oak are considerably more expensive than those made in Cedar.

The timbers are machined into the required components for whatever structure is being built. The machines typically involved are bench saws, bandsaws, radial arm saws, planers, spindle moulders, morticers and all the usual hand tools.

Whilst several small structures can be made simultaneously, larger structures are made sequentially.

All structures are assembled in the workshop to ensure that any snags are resolved before delivery to the clients site.

Products can be further personalised through the use of engraving, either as text or symbols of any size to meet client requirements.


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