Bespoke Garden Art

The introduction of glass as a medium, to be used in conjunction with wood, is a move to develop new structures for the garden. The term Garden Art refers to any structure made for the garden that does not have any particular function.

The Art Glass is provided by ‘Norton Glass’, which is the trading name of Lorraine Keeler, a local artist who creates handcrafted pieces in glass. In addition to developing ways of introducing glass into garden structures the range of items she creates is extensive, and includes jewellery, bowls, pictures and panels for walls and doors.

Examples of Garden Art structures are shown in this section, but these are for illustration rather than products offered for sale, some of which can be seen by visiting Norton Garden Structures.

What can be designed and built is only limited by ones imagination. Any idea a client might have can be discussed and developed in a design proposal, no matter how large or small.

Norton Garden Structures

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